ENTRIES FOR THE 2016 ARE FULLJoin the waitlist. 

The field is limited to 1000 entries (each relay team counts as one entry). There is no limit on the number of entries for each distance, just 1000 entries overall. Last year’s race sold out and the 2016 race will do too.

New in 2015 – we are offering 3 and 5 year memberships. There are 75 total memberships.

When the race is full – we will have a wait-list you can join.

Entry fees (all in $ NZ).

Race CategorySuper duper early-bird
1 June to 30 June
Early Bird
1 July to 30 Oct.
1 Nov. -
60km solo
$ 255
85km solo
100km solo
2-person relay
4-person relay


Refund, transfer and deferral policy.   

These refund policies are fixed. Do not ask for exceptions.
– Full race entry refund minus $25 (-$50 for overseas entrants) if you withdraw on or before 30 June.
– 50% refund if you withdraw from July to October.
– No refunds if you withdraw after after 31 October.
– Entries can not be transferred or sold to another runner or team.
– Entries can not be deferred until following years.
– These transfer and deferment policies are fixed, please do not ask for exceptions.

How to withdraw
1. If you withdraw DURING the period where you are eligible for a refund.
– Send an email to withdraw@taraweraultra.co.nz  that you would like to withdraw.
– Include your bank account number (NZ) and bank account number + SWIFT code / BIC (international) for your refund.
– Include in your email, how much you paid for your entry (in $NZ).
This will automatically remove you from the start-list. No second chances.

2.If you withdraw AFTER the period where you are eligible for a refund.
– Send an email to withdraw@taraweraultra.co.nz that you would like to withdraw.
This will automatically remove you from the start-list. No second chances.

Updating your own details.
Update week starts on Tuesday 1 December at 8am and finishes on Friday 4 Dec. at 7pm.  You must submit your updated details during that time to be included in race programme., start list, signage, race numbers etc.

You can submit:
1. Any change in distance. There is a $30 fee for each distance upgraded. No fee for a downgrade.
2. Change the name of a relay team member. There is no fee for this. Note: changing all members of a relay team is considered a new entry – and will require an entirely new entry into the race (if accepted from the waitlist).

Contact Paul at paul@taraweraultra.co.nz  with your update details. You must include your name in your email.

If you wish to change your email address – you can do so here.

You can update your own details at the registration desk on Friday before race day. A $20 admin fee applies for any change.


– The race is now full and we have a waitlist, it will be linked from this page.
– A select few athletes that either increase the diversity of the race or competitiveness will be added to the front of the waitlist. These include runners from countries with five or fewer athletes represented and/or athletes that have demonstrated outstanding results in similar trail ultramarathon races.

Please read the complete event disclaimer.