Fifteen outdoors adventure podcasts you should be listening to while you’re running

Let’s face it: it’s not all skipping along technical trails and zooming down gnarly downhills deep in thought and marvelling at all the wonders of nature. Training for an ultramarathon involves A LOT of running – and circumstances sometimes dictate that a lot of that running must be done on roads or other less-than-exciting places.

To keep you going through the dull patches, we’ve compiled a list of some of our favourite outdoors podcasts. These around bound to help you find your love for the trails and inspire you to train harder.

If you’re not one to take your headphones out on your runs, these podcasts are also a great way to feel connected to the trails when you’re stuck in the office, in a long supermarket checkout queue or when you just put your headphones on to try to avoid having to make small talk with people you don’t really want to talk to.

It’s time to ditch Mr Britghtside and prepare for some serious inspiration.


The Dirtbag Diaries:

Brought to you by Duct Tape Then Beer (if you haven’t heard of these folks PLEASE stop reading and go check them out), The Dirtbag Diaries is an eclectic podcast of short stories and escapades all based on the great outdoors. These are stories that focus on all sorts of characters, on things going awry, on things to make you laugh and some solid lessons for life. They say they are on track for 3 million downloads this year after 11 years – get involved!


Marathon Talk:

Ah Marathon Talk…the banter of 2 Englishmen that has carried me many miles. Marathon Talk is a weekly podcast that’s already way over 400 episodes old and 5 million downloads and counting. Showcasing the community of marathon runners out there around the world it’s filled with news, interviews, views on drugs in sport and some great training tips. Admittedly it’s very marathon focused (duh!) and some of the talk on times and splits and stuff leaves me cold but for the sheer joy and passion for the sport it can’t be beat. Hearing about the latest antics of the 2 hosts Martin Yelling and Tom Williams (particularly involving shorty shorts and budgie smugglers) always gets me smiling. Convert my trail running friends.

The First 40 Miles:

Join Heather and Josh Legler and dive into the world of backpacking. These guys are really open and welcoming and will get you totally hooked on the simple pleasures of slinging on a pack and heading out of your door and into the wild. You name it these guys will talk about it and how it relates to backpacking – barefoot, toilets, kids, trends, electronics…. The list and the enthusiasm are endless.


Trail Runner Nation:

Another classic podcast for the long run. Trail Runner Nation is like hanging out in a bar listening to a bunch of people who just ran the same race or track you did and are now debating it in miniscule detail. Jocular and welcoming and always a good range of topics and opinions I love some of the stuff these guys cover – if you want to start somewhere their recent Grit episode is a good one. Give them a try!

Billy Yang Podcast:

Billy Yang is a filmmaker and an ultrarunner and just an all round good person who is known to virtually all trailrunners (what? You don’t know who he is – please find Youtube on the internet and start a few days of watching his excellent movies). The podcast is a recent departure from Billy and already is firmly becoming one of my favourite things to tune into – the guests are eclectic and interesting and well known to anyone into ultras and outdoor adventure. His 1st podcast with Tony Krupicka and also the interview with Magdalena Boulet are well worth listening to as a start.


Touching the Trail:

A curious one this but shows some real podcast. Jarod Contreras is an 18 year old ultrarunner who’s podcast definitely leans on the spiritual. It’s an eclectic mix of ultrarunnng talk, great interviews, book discussions, meditations on yoga and living. Definitely worth looking into for a different style and pace. Great on a quiet long run.

Ginger Runner Live:

Another well established character and fav in the trail running community, the Ginger Runner, it seems, has always been there! Ethan Newberry is one of the most enthusiastic presenters and runners – his movies are well worth checking out! His podcast reads like a who’s who of interviews and race overviews. Simply not to be missed.


Becoming Ultra:

I’ve only recently started listening to these and they are pretty good. Short, sharp lessons and techniques so worth dipping in and out but some of their longer occasional stuff is pretty interesting too.


Outside Podcast:

You haven’t heard of Outside Magazine? Course you have. The Outside podcast is a REALLY eclectic mix of stuff. Some of the writing and reporting is excellent and will get you going – again great depth for a long run but some of the subjects do get so niche that you’re looking for some music to get the feet moving again. Worth being across and pick and choose stuff that will get you thinking.


Talk Ultra:

We’re well into it now huh. Yes Talk Ultra is a kick ass fortnightly podcast for trailheads. You’ve heard of it surely. Another Who’s Who of anyone involved in the scene just work through the back catalog and you’ll find your running heros. Love the fact it’s bang up to date and the interviews do get some great depth. You already are listening to this aren’t you?

Trail Talk by Rock Creek Runner:

Always worth checking out Trail Talk walks through a whole heapof prep and race discussions. Great for those of us starting out in the trail running world and despite a heavy American focus there are some great lessons and insights to be gleaned.



Craft beer, race news and the black toenails hall of fame. It’s all here on Ultrarunner Podcast. A good source of interviews and again tends to be very US centric but nonetheless some good quality content that travels. Another essential listening aid for any ultra runners out there.



A California centric podcast that gets you out into the Cali wilds to meet the folks that people this wonderful gnarly landscape. Great escapism for us non locals and a good great resource when planning the next trip.


Outside/in radio:

More wonderful stories from outdoors brought to life by Sam Evans-Brown – if getting into issues and spending the time to get a depth and understanding of the outdoors and nature and the world we inhabit are your thing then look no further. Great podcast.


Science of Ultra:

Science of Ultra covers pretty much anything you ever wanted to know about the science of ultrarunning, whether that’s nutrition, hydration or gear related. World leading scientsits, running coaches and ultra athletes all come together in this podcast to sift through all the bollocks out there about ultrarunning and find only the actual true scientific facts that matter. In today’s world where everyone is an expert, what we need is more of this.


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