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Date Saturday, February 6, 2016
Distances 60, 85, 100 km. Relay Options: 2 or 4 people for 85km. More details in the “Race” section.
Registration Registration opens June 1st at 11am (NZ) each year. Expect that the race is completed quickly. The number of participants is limited to 1,000 runners each year * each relay team counts as one entry.
Minimum age 17 years for 100km and 16 years for other distances. Note -The athletes aged 17 and who intends to run in the 100km and athletes aged 16 years and who intend to run in the 60 or 85 km will have to submit evidence that they have participated in events similar in the past.
Trophies and awards The first five (men and women) in each solo category will receive a custom medal. The winners of 100km receive a trophy. There are no financial reward.
Run program The latest edition of the race program is the
Starting point The Redwoods Visitors Centre – Rotorua New Zealand. Card.
Departure time 6am Saturday
Arrival The Tarawera Falls for 60km. Firmin Field Kawerau for 100km, 85km and relay.
Race Week Schedule The race week begins on Thursday with a fun run. There is an official reception for the race, an exhibition, seminars and registration on Friday. The race is on Saturday and the awards on Sunday. The last edition of the race of the week program.
The course A racing Rotorua Kawerau. The majority of the race is on single tracks through local landscapes and forest tracks with less than 5% of the route on paved roads. In the Tarawera forest, you will be on deserted forest tracks sometimes along rivers. It is a track racing, not on net route.Descente 357 meters. The area is excellent with volcanic soil with some technical roots and rocks on the section between Okataina and Tarawera particular section between Humphries Bay and The Outlet. More info
Support team for Information and Spectators and hares The information for assistance teams, spectators and hares is available here. There are also a lot of information in the race guide.


Tarawera Ultramarathon Mobile App

Follow the race on the mobile app – Available on iPhone and Android



The Holiday Inn Rotorua is the race building. This will take place is the registration and pre-race briefing. There is a 10% discount at the hotel. This discount is valid throughout the year is therefore perfect for your trainings and visits to the region. It is both the place where everything happened, but is also very near the starting line.



  1. Watch the “travel page to Rotorua.”
  2. Departure. Exit the Holiday Inn Rotorua shortly after 5am, has about 400 other people will do the same at the same time. Make hitchhike with one of them.
  3. Bus back to Kawerau since the arrival of 60km. We will provide buses to take you up to the finish line of the 100km.
  4. Bus back to Rotorua. We have bus from the finish line Kawerau returning to the start. Buy a bus ticket when you register online and pay at registration on Friday, the eve of the race. Buses leave every hour after 16h Kawerau. The bus will take you back to the Redwoods and the Holiday Inn in Rotorua. You will need to show your bus ticket.
  5. There will be plenty of cars that come back to Rotorua from arrival so it will not be difficult to hitchhike with another rider. Journey of Kawerau in Rotorua takes 50 minutes.


Weather forecast

iPods Yes you can listen to music while running. Do not use them on the road Okareka as you share the road with cars.

Emergency numbers for athletes. We will check the phone numbers of your emergency contact has registration. This must be a person who can be contacted on the day of the race.

Bib numbers Runners on each distance will be identified by their race number and color of their bib.

> 1-600 runners 100km – Red bib

> 800 runners 85km – red bibs

> 1000 runners 60km – red bibs

> 4000’s relay runners, blue bibs

Hares for 85 100k- and white bibs, even bib number as their rider. The hare has a white race number and runner yellow race number. All riders have their name and flag of the country of origin on their bibs. All relay runners will have the name of their team.

Timing chips : Run on the timing mat at fueling stations Blue Lake Okareka, Okataina, Humphries Bay, Tarawera Falls, Titoki, Awaroa (at the end of the loop) and Fisherman’s bridge. For relay – do not forget your timing chip to the next runner on your team during transitions (Okareka, Okataina, Tarawera Falls).

Ultra-Trail® World Tour Visa Stamps

All 100km of finishers are eligible for a stamp. You will receive your tone when you cross the finish line in Kawerau. Ultra-Trail® World Tour passports will be sold to the Expo on Friday.

Security of the race Please take care of yourself and any other runner. If someone needs help, please stop and provide it. Some volunteers are certified in first aid. Some will have means of communication with the race director for emergencies. A mountain bike mounted patrol is also available and an ambulance service (St John) will be present on site.

Food and drink on arrival in Kawerau

There will be food and hot drinks on arrival in Kawerau until 22h. Make sure you have cash in your bags for arrival.

Hares running free. All rabbits must register at the finish line Kawerau and take their number bibs on the day of the race. The numbers will be white hares. This will be our way of knowing that you are taking part in the event. You can lead your rider from the following filling stations: Outlet, Tarawera Falls, Titoki, Fisherman’s Bridge and River Road. Riders can use two hares but only one at a time (they must change and refueling stations). Buses take hares through the Tarawera Forest.


Saturday, February 6, 2016

Race day: 6am departure

The start area will be crowded. To be sure to be at the start, please be on the start line 5:20 later. There will be tea, coffee and departure toilet.

The barriers of Rotorua Redwoods close to 23:30 on race day.

IMPORTANT if you expect to be back in Rotorua after 23:30 on Saturday night, park before the gates of Long Mile Road or steps up to the starting line (about 1km). Try to be on the start line 5:30 later as the area becomes crowded.

Parking is difficult. Basically, the earlier you arrive, the closer to the departure liege you can park. Park your car or the one indicated on the 2 sides of the road. There will be a pre-race briefing before departure. The race part of the Redwoods Visitors Centre, Long Mile Road, Rotorua.


The sunrise is at 6:40 The Redwood Grove is very dark before sunrise, so it is strongly advised to have a face. We will have a volunteer to collect the 5th kilometer front (at the water tower near Tarawera road. You can leave your face (with your name on it) and the clothes you will not need during the race with volunteers and collect at the finish line.

Mandatory equipment

In the week before the race and the pre-race briefing, the racers will be informed of the mandatory equipment they will carry during the race. If there is no risk of bad weather, the most likely list will list A.

There are three types of required equipment lists

  • no equipment required
  • Waterproof Jacket
  • Shirt long-sleeved wool / polypropylene, wool tights / polypropylene, waterproof jacket (with sealed seams), hat (Buff accepted), polar gloves.

Inspection of compulsory equipment: If the required hardware is required during the race, the race director can choose to randomly inspect randomly selected runners on race morning before departure. At least one random inspection will take place during the race for all riders. We strongly recommend that you have water with you between refueling stations. Optionally, you can also have your gels and other forms of calories with you between refueling stations.

We also strongly recommend that you plan ahead and have yourself with the equipment B and C lists available in case you need to bring in Rotorua.

Numbers bibs You must wear your race number on the front of your body and timing chip must be attached to your ankle when you show up at the starting line. This is essential. Race numbers must be visible as they are recorded during the day. If your bib number is not visible, we can not verify your number and refueling stations. There will be a 1 minute penalty during the race for runners who do not have their bib number visible.

Marking the route Follow only the fluorescent pink and orange ribbons places in trees and the red arrows. There should not be any other markings. Any change in direction should be marked by the pink ribbons / orange and red arrows. The wrong direction will be indicated with red and white ribbon emergency cord. Fluorescent sticks from the race and the approach of the end, the sticks like cones and neon spray will be used to mark the route between Awaroa refueling station and the finish line.

Refueling stations The stations are generously provided food – famous Heather Bars Endurolytes, candy, chips (perfumes has available include chicken, savory, salt and vinegar), pretzels, sandwiches (peanut butter with jam, Nutella and honey), fruit (bananas, watermelon, oranges, apples), ice, water, Coke, Mountain Dew, ginger beer and HEED. The order food and drinks refueling stations will be: drinks in cups / food / fruit / drink jerry cans to fill your water bottles / Vaseline and sunscreen. Hammer Gels are in your race kit and will not be distributed to filling stations. We planned three gels per rider. If you intend to use gels for the whole race, make sure you have enough of your own supply – do not depend on the amount provided in the racing kit.

Signs will be placed 200 meters before refueling station. Panels to the output of a refueling station will indicate the distance to the next station.

Toilets : There are six toilets at Redwood Visitor Centre and there will be portable toilets and more. There is also a toilet available: Blue Lake refueling stations, Okataina, Humphries Bay, The Outlet (after the bridge), Tarawera Falls (arrives from 60km) and the line has Kawerau.

Code of Conduct and natural need You will share the trails with hikers. Please make sure you leave room for these users to pass. When passing slower runners, please tell them that you would pass by saying “passing on your left (or right)

Sometimes you have to satisfy a natural need away from it all toilet. When this happens, you need to move the trail out of sight (25 meters) away from any watercourse. Bury your waste by digging a hole with the heel of your shoe. Make sure you have completely buried garbage.

Running a shorter distance (long). If you are registered for 60 or 85 km and decide to continue over a longer distance, you should inform volunteers and refueling stations Tarawera Falls or Titoki. To be “fair”, please pay the difference in registration fees at the finish line (or Sunday morning) if you run more than the distance over which you are registered. Comparing the registration details on the results, we will easily know who you are. If you are registered for the 100 km or 85 and finish 85 or 60kms instead, your result will not be a DNF. Your result will be your ranking (and time) for that distance. If you give up during the race, you should inform the nearest fueling station or a racing commissioner.

Waste : anyone caught trying to leave waste on the track will be forced to clean blueberries around Lake Okareka in hand wearing flip flops and shorts. You will be served hot orange soda.

Abandonment : any rider who is not able to finish the race must personally inform the head of the nearest fueling station and ensure that their bib number has been recorded. We will then use the means at our disposal to contact your support team. If you do not have a support team, we will do our best to bring you where you should be. You should not have to wait too long but there is a risk that you had to wait several hours before being taken to the headquarters of the race if your case is not urgent.

Drop Bags A team is not necessary for the race. Drop bags are optional for solo runners and can contain your assets ((gels, food, socks, shoes, shorts …). The solo racers put their drop bags (properly labeled) in the corresponding cell refueling station l . Registration Bags must be flexible and reasonable size – do not put your sink Leave your bags in the truck matching registration before 19h on Friday Please do not use the bag transportation service for stations.. refueling or your team will be present.

If you have a bag has a refueling station, you will be asked to move the stack of unused bags “unusued stack” to the stack of bags used “used battery”, even if you have not used your bag . This will allow us to transport the bags faster towards the finish line and organize the corresponding tent more orderly. Drop bags shall not contain any glass and liquid must be sealed.

Please make your drop bags with your names and the name of the corresponding refueling station.

OKE Okareka

AWA Awaroa **

OTA Okataina

FSH Fisherman’s Bridge **

TAR Tarawera Falls *

FIN Finish line in Kawerau ***

TITO Titoki Road **

* Runners 60km of spare clothing, sandals … to arrival in the Tarawera Falls. There are some beautiful places to swim in the river near Tarawera Falls (arrival) and the hot springs of Kawerau so bring your towel. Also take a little cash for drinks and food on arrival was Kawerau.

** Racers 85 / 100km.
If you think you’ll need a head for the finish, you can leave it in your bag drop for Titoki, Awaroa or Fisherman’s Bridge. Or your team can provide assistance to these same stations as River Road Aid Stations or arrival Kawerau Finish

*** Runners of 85 / 100km. Set of clothes. There are some beautiful places to swim in the river and hot springs Kawerau so bring your towel. Also take a little cash for drinks and food. Remember to put your bus ticket in your bag to the finish line. Additional Bus tickets will be available at registration ($ 20).

Distance between refueling stations


Aid Station Km covered Distance until the next station Distance from the previous station (km) Elimination Time
Depart 0 12.5 0
Tikitapu (Blue Lake) 12.5 5.3 12.5
Okareka 17.8 2.9 5.3 10.10
Millar Road 20.7 16.6 2.9
Lodge Okataina 37.3 9.8 16.6 13.20
Humphries Bay 47.1 8.1 9.8
Tarawera Outlet 55.2 5.4 8.1
Tarawera Falls (arrives from 60km) 60.6 9.5 5.4 17.20
Titoki 70.1 5.3km until Fishermans Bridge (for 85k) 7.7 km jusuq’a Awaroa (for 100k) 9.5 * 17.50pm. for runners who want to finish the 100km
Awaroa (only 100km) (77.8 & 82.7) 4.9km loop around Awaroa. 8.1km until Fishermans Bridge 7.7 and 5.3
Fisherman’s Bridge 75.4 (90.8) 4.9 5.3 (8.1 from Awaroa)
River Road 80.3 (95.7) 5 4.9
Arrive 85.3 (100.7) 0 5



Elimination thresholds : The elimination time and average speed are presented in tables. The elimination time are very generous, which means you’ll have plenty of time to walk through difficult passages, stopping and refueling stations. We do not intend to disqualify runners as they go too slowly.

On the other side, we do not want to have runners in the forest at midnight with possums. The elimination time represent an average speed just under 11 minutes per kilometer. That is to say, the base to run a marathon in 7 hours and a half. The elimination threshold was 5: 20 in the afternoon at the Tarawera Falls does not apply to riders who complete the 60 km solo. The elimination time for the 2015 edition are more generous (50 minutes) compared to the 2012 edition.

The elimination time are the times when you must EXIT the refueling station. If you return to a refueling station after the time of disposal, you will be disqualified. The refueling stations will apply the hours of removing very strictly. Anyone who leaves a refueling station after the time of disposal will be disqualified. This rule is in place for the safety of all participants. If you miss the elimination threshold, you will be disqualified. Significant penalties apply to any person not respecting this rule. This rule is for the safety of all participants. If you miss an elimination time, you have to stop. Significant penalties will be applied to any rider not respecting this rule.

If you are unable to Titoki in time for the 100km, you will finish the 85 kms. You can not complete the 100km.

Details refueling stations


Refueling station Number of km traveled Estimated time of arrival for the first runner Estimated time of arrival to the last runner Access for viewers / support teams Transition for relays Drop bags Starting point for hares
Depart 0 6:00 6:00 Yes
Tikitapu (Blue Lake) 12.5 7:00 8:00 Yes
Okareka 17.8 7:30 9:50 Yes Shuttle Yes Yes
Millar Road 20.7 7:45 10:00 Not
Lodge Okataina 37.3 8:50 1:00 p.m. Yes Shuttle Yes Yes
Humphries Bay 47.1 9:30 2:00 Not
Tarawera Outlet 55.2 10:20 4:20 Not
Tarawera Falls (60km happens) 60.6 11:00 5:30 Yes Shuttle Yes Yes Yes
Titoki 70.1 1:10 p.m. 5:40 Yes, Shuttle Yes Yes
Awaroa (only 100km) (77.8 & 82.7) 24:20 and 12:45 7:00 p.m. & 7:30 p.m. Not Yes
Fisherman’s Bridge 75.4 (90.8) 12:15 (1:10) 9:00 Yes – Shuttle Yes Yes
River Road 80.3 (95.7) 12:20 (1:40) 9:40 Yes – Shuttle Yes
Kawerau arrival for 85 and 100km. 85.3 (100.7) 24:50 (2:00) 10:50 Yes




Podium and Records

Riders who change away the day of the race and finish in the top 5 will be recorded for their time and ranking over this distance on the website.

However, for the media, awards ceremony, medals for classification and any official communication on the Tarawera Ultra, only those who are registered with a particular distance will be appointed as finished years the top 5 for remote / genre.

Race records will be established by any rider who completes the distance in the fastest time recorded so far on the race. For example, it is possible for a competitor of 85km or 100km to beat the record of 60km it reach that fueling station in the fastest time recorded.


It’s a foot race and not a step! Except if you are a walker exceptional (we had one), you can not expect to walk the full distance and finish before midnight. All runners will walk at some point during the race, especially when climbing. Riders are also likely to walk later in the race when fatigue takes hold.

Food and drink at the finish line Kawerau. The race will provide free drinks (beer brewed locally, ginger beer and other beverages) and fruit for each finisher (this includes 60kms of finishers who will join us). Meals and drinks will be available for purchase on arrival so put a little cash in your bag to the finish line. Hot food will be available until 22h the evening of the race – stay on the line and encourage runners past the arrival of an epic day.

There are free hot springs in Kawerau and hot showers has Maurie Kjar Pools has Kawerau. They are open (and free) to all (including the public) before 20h. After 20h, they will be reserved for the Tarawera Ultra and you will be free to use them. You can bring your beer in the pools after 20h. There is a free spa and hot showers. The hot springs are located in front of the Information Centre on Plunket Street, has Kawerau.

Lost property Lost property, headlamps of the starting line and drop bags will be transported to the finish line Kawerau and will be available during the day. Place labels with your name on your business is essential. Any object that is not claimed will be at the awards ceremony on Sunday morning. After that, all the lost objects will be stored in 2 Pukehangi Road, Rotorua. We recommend you to claim your belongings before you leave Rotorua.


The founding principles of this race are included in the charter of the International Association trail.

The purpose of this event is to ensure the integrity of the race as individual performance test and provide a level playing field. The principles are simple: equal, and respect on the ground. Any violation of these principles may result in disqualification, fines or absence of price. In case of serious violation, the race director and the Ultra Trail World Tour will be informed of the misconduct with possible sanctions for several events.

  • There will be no non-registered runner
  • Each bib number must be worn on the front of the body and must permanently visible
  • Riders must follow the marked paths at all times. Any rider who leaves the tag path must return to the place where he left the track before continuing.
  • Each rider must finish the race on his own. No physical or mechanical assistance is tolerated (this includes but is not limited to ATVs and boats).
  • Except in case of injury or medical emergency, riders can not accept anyone’s help to push or pull between refueling stations.
  • Riders can not store reserves of some kind along the track
  • Leave waste of any kind is prohibited. Please respect the natural beauty of the tracks and the right of everyone to enjoy.
  • Riders must refrain from any act of bad sportsmanship.
  • Smoking is permitted at any checkpoint or along the tracks. Anyone who smokes in the Tarawera forest will be immediately excluded by security. Both smokers and they support the rider will receive a lifetime exclusion from the race.
  • Any rider who is unable to finish the race must personally inform the head of the nearest fueling station from where he edge and must ensure that the decision has been registered.
  • Riders leave the course without giving their bibs will be considered lost. The rider will be contacted on his mobile phone and emergency number is called. If there is no response from these numbers, a desired operation will be triggered. The costs of this operation will be the responsibility of the rider.
  • Please observe all other users such as hikers and walkers.
  • You must stay on the track. Shortcuts are not allowed.
  • The rider is responsible for the actions of his team. The assistance teams must comply with the instructions of the organizers. The rider may be penalized if his team does not respect these rules.

Tarawera Ultra – anti doping policy

As an event privately organized and part of the major events of the ultra, we are working hard to ensure that our sport remains clean and free from doping. The race direction is in regular contact with Drug Free Sport NZ about anti-doping programs. From these discussions, we took the following steps:

  1. The race direction reserves the right to test any rider participating in the race between registration and the end of the race. Agree to submit to such tests is a condition to participation in the race. All testing will be conducted according to the principles of the World Anti Doping Code which includes the list of products banned by WADA. (See link below for more information on these bonds).
  1. No athlete currently undergoing a doping sanction will be allowed to enroll in the Tarawera Ultramarathon or Tarawera Trail Marathon & 50km.
  1. No athlete under the influence of a doping sanction between the! St January 2013 and 31 December 2014 will be allowed to enroll in the Tarawera Ultramarathon or Tarawera Trail Marathon & 50km until 1 January 2017.

The race direction will disqualify the entry of any athlete that is in violation of points 2 and 3 above and attempts to register. The race direction will provide anti-doping education to participants in the race, in partnership with Drug Free Sport NZ. There are many resources available for racers, coaches and support teams on the internet for Drug Free Sport NZ website at:

Runs qualification for major world –other ultra races.

The Tarawera Ultramarathon 100km is a qualifying race for the Western States 100 mile endurance run organized in California each year. See terms of qualifications.

The Tarawera Ultramarathon 100km and 85km) provide qualifying points for UTMB held annually in August. More details on the value of the points and the conditions for qualification.