The Race賽事資訊

8th annual Tarawera Ultramarathon. 6 February 2016. 第八屆TARAWERA越野超級馬拉松 2016年二月六日

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Date(日期) Saturday 6 February 2016 ((2016年2月6日,星期六))



60, 85, 100km. Relay options: 2 or 4 person for the 85km distance. More details on the Tarawera Ultra course.

(60、85、100公里; 接力選項: 2~4人接力85公里賽事;詳情請見Tarawera Ultra course)




Entry opens on 1 June at 11am (NZ) time each year. Expect the race to sell-out. Entry is limited to 1000 entrants *each relay team counts as one entry. 報名開放日期為6月1日早上11點整(紐西蘭當地時間)直到額滿。名額限制1000名(*每個接力隊伍視同一個名額)

Minimum age(年齡限制)  


17* for the 100km and 16* for other distances. Note -athletes aged 17 and intending to compete in the 100km and athletes aged 16 and competing in either the 60 or 85km will be required to submit evidence to the organiser that they have participated in similar events. 100公里組需滿17歲,85/60公里組需滿16歲。但其最低年齡需出視相關賽事經驗證明。

Prizes and prize money獎勵方式 The top five place finishers (male and female) in each solo ultra distance receive a custom medal. The 100k winners receive a trophy. There is no prize money. 各組別取前五名跑者(男性/女性) ,可獲得賽事訂制獎獎牌,冠軍則獲得獎杯,此賽事無提供獎金。
Race programme選手手冊 The latest race programme is here 選手手冊請點入
Start Line起跑點  

The Redwoods Visitors Centre – Rotorua New Zealand. Map The Redwoods Visitors Centre – Rotorua New Zealand. Map

Start time起跑時間 6am on Saturday2/6星期六 6:00AM


The Tarawera Falls for the 60km. Firmin Field Kawerau for the 100 85km and relays.

60公里組: The Tarawera Falls ; 85km/100km/接力組: Firmin Field Kawerau

Race Week Schedule賽事週活動  


Race weeks starts on Thursday with a fun run. There is an official race welcome, Expo, Seminars and Registration on Friday. Race day is Saturday and Prizegiving on Sunday. The latest schedule for the Tarawera Ultra race week. 賽事活動於當週週四由趣味路展開。接下來有正式的歡迎儀式、賽事博覽會、研討會以及在週五的報到手續。賽事訂於週六以及最後由周日的頒獎典禮落幕。

The course賽道訊息 A point to point run from Rotorua to Kawerau. The majority of the run is on singletrack trails through native bush or forestry roads with less than 5% being on a sealed public road. In the Tarawera Forest you will be on deserted forestry roads, some of it, alongside the river. This is a trail run – not a road race. 由Rotorua 到Kawerau間展開,此賽事多數賽道為原始灌木或林道的單徑賽道占多數,公路段少於5%。在Tarawera森林會有一段為荒林裡進行,有部份賽事更延著河川邊的山徑,記住,你正享受著山徑路跑的樂趣,而不是一般的公路競賽。Net downhill with a 357 metre (840 foot) elevation loss. The running surface is excellent with free-draining volcanic soils with some technical roots and rocks on the Okataina and Tarawera section of the course from Humphries Bay to The Outlet. More Info.

自Humhiries Bay到 The Outlet,淨下坡357公尺,此賽道排水性極佳因賽道為火山土壤區域且還有些為碎石路段,故不易泥濘。

Information for Crew and Spectators and Pacers工作人員、觀眾、及配速員資訊 Crew and Spectators and Pacer information is here. There is comprehensive information in the race guide also. 相關資訊請點選

Tarawera Ultramarathon Mobile App
Follow the race on the mobile app – available on both iPhone and Android

追尋賽事最新消息 – Iphone 及Android 皆可使用

Accommodation 住宿資料:
The Rotorua Holiday Inn is the race venue. This is the location of race registration and briefing. There is a permanent 10% discount for everyone at this venue. The discount is available not just during race week – but all year round – so it’s ideal or your training visits to the region. This is not only the registration/biefing location – but is also SUPER close to the race start.

Rotorua Holiday INN 為賽會地點,賽事報到及簡報會於此舉辦,選手可在此飯店全年享9折優惠,故選手可隨時參訪此地進行相關訓練行程,大會不只在此進行報到及簡報的地點,重要的是,此飯店離起跑點很近。


Transport and Travel交通及旅遊資訊

  1. See the travel page to Rotorua.
    Race Start. Walk out the Rotorua Holiday Inn door sometime after 5.00am, and about 400 other people will be doing the same thing as you at the same time. Grab a ride with one of them.
    3. Bus back to kawerau from 60km finish-line. We will be providing buses back to the finish-line.
    4. Bus back to Rotorua. We have buses from the finish line in Kawerau back to the start. Pay for a bus ticket when you sign up online, or pay at registration on Friday before race day. The buses will depart Kawerau every hour from 4pm. The bus will drop you back to the Redwoods and Rotorua Holiday Inn. You will need to show your bus ticket.
    5. There are plenty of cars heading out in the same direction as you, so it will be easy to grab a ride. Car from Kawerau to Rotorua Driving time is 50 minutes. If you have paid your bus money, you are welcome to instead grab a car ride back to Rotorua with other runners and their crew.
1. Rotorua旅遊網
2. 前往賽事起點: 於清晨五點起於Holiday Inn大門口,陸續會有將近四百名選手與你一同前往起跑點,可同其它選手搭便車前往。
3. 自60公里賽事終點至Kawerau:由主辦單位安排巴士至100公里終點線
4. 巴士回至Rotorua: 主辦單位將安排巴士至起跑點,可於線上報名時登記巴士車票,或於報到日當點完成登記及付款動作。巴士將於下午四點起每整點開班回Redwood或是Rotorau Holiday Inn. 搭車前請出示車票。

Weather forecast


iPods Yes, you may listen to music during the run. Don’t use them on the public road at Okareka, as you will be running with cars.

IPOD: 可於比賽中使用,但注意於OKAREKA公路段必須留意車輛,此路段為車輛行駛路段

Athletes’ Emergency contact We will check the phone number of your emergency contact at race registration. This must be a contact who can be reached on race day.

選手緊急聯絡: 主辦單位將於賽會報到要求選手提供緊急聯絡人電話,此連絡人可供比賽當天聯繫使用。


Race numbers Runners of each distance are clearly recognised by their race number and the colour of the numbers.
> 1-600’s 100km ultra runners red numbers
> 800’s 85km ultra runners red numbers
> 1000’s 60km ultra runners red numbers
> 4000’s relay runners blue numbers

85/100k pacers white numbers, same number as their runner. Pacer (left) white numbering and runner right (yellow numbering). Note that pacers have the same race number as their runner. All ultra runners have their name and country flag on their race numbers. All relay runners will have their team name. This will help you recognise and cheer on the runners.

> 1-600’s 100km 選手,紅色號碼布
> 800’s 85km選手,紅色號碼布
> 1000’s 60km 選手,紅色號碼布
> 4000’s 接力選手,藍色號碼布


Timing Chips Run over the timing mats at Blue Lake, Okareka, Okataina, Humphries Bay, Tarawera Falls, Titoki, Awaroa (the far end of the loop) and Fisherman’s Bridge Aid Stations.
Relay Teams – do not forget to hand over your timing chips at each relay changeover (Okareka, Okataina, Tarawera Falls).

計時晶片:計時分段地點為 Blue Lake, Okareka, Okataina, Humphries Bay, Tarawera Falls, Titoki, Awaroa及 Fisherman’s Bridge補給站。
接力隊伍: 在每個接力轉換點,請記得交接計時晶片 (交接地點: Okareka, Okataina, Tarawera Falls)。


Ultra-Trail® World Tour Visa Stamps
All 100km finishers are eligible for a visa stamp. You will receive a visa stamp when you cross the finish line in Kawerau. Ultra-Trail® World Tour passports will be sold at the Expo on Friday.

Ultra-Trail® 世界巡迴賽事護照簽章


Race Safety Please take care of both yourselves and the other competitors on the course. If someone needs help, please stop and help them. Some volunteers hold first aid qualifications. Some will have radio communications with the Race Director and Safety Director in case of an emergency. Mountain bike safety patrol will also be on hand to help you out. St. John’s ambulance will be present.

賽事安全: 所有選手請在參賽時彼此照應,若有選手需要協助,請適時提供必要的援助。少數志工擁有求生執照。有些志工會有無線電通訊可供緊急情況時可與賽會總監聯絡。越野腳踏車也可在適時予以協助,另外也備有救護車。


Food and drink at the Kawerau finish
There will be hot food and drink at the Kawerau finish line until 10pm. Make sure you include some cash in your finish line bag for extra food.




Pacers run for FREE. All pacers must check-in at the finish line in Kawerau and pick up a pacer number on race day. Pacer numbers will be white. This is so we know you are part of the event. You can pace your runner from the Aid Stations – Outlet, Tarawera Falls, Titoki, Fisherman’s Bridge and River Road. Competitors, you can use two pacers – but only one at a time (they must change over at an Aid Station). Buses will transport pacers into the Tarawera Forest.

配速員: 配速員為免費的,不需再額外支付任何報名費用,但所有配速員必須賽事當天於Kaweru先完成報到手續,並索取配速白色號碼布,這有助於主辦單位知道你為參與賽事的配速員。
配速員可於Outlet, Tarawera Falls, Titoki, Fisherman’s Bridge and River Road加入配速。選手可擁有兩個不同的配速員(同一時間只能有一位配速員),接駁車會將配速員接送至Tarawera Forest.



Race Day 6am Race Start
. 賽事於早晨六點開始
The race start will be very busy and crowded. To ensure we get underway on time, please aim to be at the start no later than 5.20am. There will be hot tea, coffee and espresso at the start. There will also be toilets and portaloos at the start.


Gates close to the Rotorua Redwoods at 11.30pm on race day.

起跑點Rotorua Redwoods將於賽會當晚11:30關閉此區域
IMPORTANT If you think you will be back in Rotorua after 11.30pm on Saturday evening, park your car outside the gates on Long Mile Road and walk (or hop a ride) to the start line (only 1km away). Please aim to assemble at the race start no later than 5.30am. The start area gets very busy after that time.

重要: 若選手預計會於當晚十一點半後回到Rotorua,請務必將你的車輛停放於大門口外的Long Mile Road,並走到起跑線(或搭便車,距離約一公里),請試著於早上五點半前到達會場,當日起跑點將會十分忙碌。


Parking will be tight. Essentially, the earlier you arrive, the closer you will park to the start line. Please park where directed on both sides of the road. There will be a 10-minute briefing before the race start. The race start is at the Redwoods Visitors Centre, Long Mile Road, Rotorua.


Sunrise is at 6:40am. The Redwood Grove is very dark prior to sunrise so having a headlamp is strongly recommended. We will have a volunteer pick up headlamps at the 5km point (at the water tower near Tarawera Road). You can ditch your named headlamp (and surplus clothing) with the volunteers and pick them up at the Kawerau finish.

日出大約在6:40. 起跑的紅木森林在天亮前將會十分黑暗,強烈建議隨身配帶頭燈,志工將會於五公里處保管選手的頭燈(約在Tarawera Road的水塔邊),請於頭燈上標記名字,將頭燈及多餘的衣物交給志工,並於 Kawerau領回。

Compulsory Gear: 必要裝備
In the week prior to the race and at registration, competitors will be advised, and again at the pre-race briefing, what compulsory clothing and equipment items they must carry (based on the expected weather conditions). If there is little risk of bad weather, the most likely Compulsory Gear list will be A. 在賽事前一週以及報到日及起跑前的簡報,主辦單位會提醒必備攜裝備及穿著的衣服(視當天氣候狀況而定),若天氣狀況理想,則無強制攜帶的裝備,此為A等級。

There are three compulsory gear levels: 必要裝備分類三種層級:
– A. No compulsory equipment A級: 無需任何強制性裝備
– B. Waterproof jacket B級: 防水夾克
– C. Base Layer Long Top Wool/Polypropylene, Base Layer Long Pants Wool/Polypropylene, Waterproof Jacket (seam-sealed), Thermal Hat (Buff accepted), Thermal Gloves.

C級:聚丙烯長袖襯衫,羊毛/聚丙烯長衣長褲內衣/ 防水夾克(備防水條)/保暖帽 (可使用BUFF頭巾)/ 保暖手套

INSPECTION OF COMPULSORY ITEMS: If compulsory items are required for the race, the Race Director may choose to randomly spot check a sample of competitor items on the morning of the event at the race start. At least one random inspection of one or more item(s) will be undertaken along the course for all competitors.

We strongly recommend you carry water between aid stations. Optionally (but recommended) you should carry any gels or other form of calories with you between aid stations.

We also strongly recommend you plan ahead and have all items in B and C available to bring to Rotorua.

所需裝備檢查: 若大會有要求選手攜帶必要裝備,大會人員將會於起跑當天於起跑處執行抽檢,大會強烈建議於在各補給站間隨身攜帶水,也可攜帶補給果膠或任何可補充熱量的食物。請提前規畫,並建議能同時準備B及C層級之必要裝備。



Race Numbers You MUST have your race numbers facing the front and timing chips attached to your ankle when you line up at the start. This is essential. Race numbers must be visible because they are recorded throughout the day. If numbers are not visible, we may need to stop you to check your number. There will be a compulsory 1 minute penalty in the sin-bin (at random locations) for runners failing to display their race numbers.


Course Markings Only follow the fluoro pink/orange ribbons in the trees, and red arrows. There should be no other markings. Any turns should be obviously marked with these pink/orange ribbons and/or red arrows. The wrong way will be indicated with hazard or warning tape. Glowsticks at the start and near the end glowsticks, fluoro ribbons/fluoro cones and glow spray will help to mark the course from the Awaroa Aid Station to the Kawerau finish line.

賽道標誌: 請跟從在樹叢間的粉紅或紅色螢光緞帶及紅色箭頭的指示,除此之外並無其它賽道標記方式,任何轉彎處都會以螢光緞帶及紅色箭頭來指示。
若走錯路徑將有可能進入危險區域,螢光棒將會使用於起跑路段,而從Awaroa Aid Station 一直到 Kawerau finish line將會使用緞帶


Aid Stations The Aid Stations are very generously stocked with food – ‘world-famous’ Heather Bars, endurolytes, lollies, chips (chicken, salted and salt & vinegar flavours), pretzels, sandwiches (with peanut butter, jam, Nutella and honey) fruit (bananas, watermelon, oranges, apples), ice, water, Coke, Mountain Dew, ginger beer and HEED. The order of the Aid Station offerings will be: drinks in cups > food > fruit > drink containers to fill your bottles > Vaseline and sunblock etc. Hammer gels will be in your race packs – and will not be distributed to the Aid Stations. We have budgeted on three gels per athlete. If you plan on relying on gels, make sure to bring plenty for yourself – do not rely on the gels in your race pack.

Signs will be placed 200 metres before the aid station. Exit signs will indicate distance to the next aid station.

補給站: 擁有豐盛的補給食物-世界知名亞瑟酒吧、能量發泡錠、 軟糖、洋芋片(雞汁口味/鹹味/鹹醋口味)、椒鹽卷餅、三明治(口味:花生醬、果醬、巧克力榛果醬、以及蜂蜜口味)、水果(香蕉、西瓜、柳丁、蘋果)、冰塊、水、可樂、山露汽水、薑汁啤酒、以及能量飲品等。補給站食物的排序為:杯裝飲料>食物>食料>水果>罐裝食料>凡士林及防晒油,主辦單位將贈送三包能量果膠給每位選手,請確保攜帶足夠的數量,補給站200公尺會有標誌提示,同時會在補給站標示下一補給站距離。

Toilets There are six new toilets at the Redwoods Visitors Centre and there will be extra portaloos. There are also toilets at: Blue Lake Aid Station, Okareka Aid Station, Okataina Aid Station, Humphries Bay Aid Station, The Outlet Aid Station (over the bridge), Tarawera Falls (60km finish) and the finish line in Kawerau.


廁所:於紅木遊客中心有六間廁所並有流動廁所可供使用。在Blue Lake Aid lue Lake Aid Station, Okareka Aid Station, Okataina Aid Station, Humphries Bay Aid Station, The Outlet Aid Station (過橋後), Tarawera Falls (60公里賽事終點線),以及100公里賽事終點皆有廁所

Etiquette and pooing / peeing You will be sharing these trails with hikers and trampers. Please make sure you move off the trail to allow these other users to pass by. When passing slower runners, please indicate that you’d like to pass by saying “passing on your left (or right)” when overtaking.


Sometimes you will need to poo or pee when you are far away from a toilet. When that happens, you should step well away from sight (25 metres) and very far from waterways. Bury any waste by digging a deep hole with the heel of your shoe. Completely bury all waste.

大小便: 在參與賽事途中若有需要大小便,請務必遠離賽道至少25公尺,並盡可能遠離水源地, 且掩埋排泄物於土壤深處。

Running extra (or less) distance If you have entered the 60km or 85km and you decide to run further, you must let the Aid Station volunteers at Tarawera Falls and Titoki respectively, know you are continuing on. To be fair, please pay the difference at the finish line (or Sunday morning) if you ran further. Comparing the entry form to the results – we’ll easily know who you are. If you entered the 100km or 85km and you complete the 85k or 60km instead, your result will not show as a DNF. Your results will be your place (and time) for that distance. If you drop at any point during the race, you must let the nearest Aid Station or a course marshal know that you have pulled out of the race.

申請改變賽程距離: 若在抵達60/85公里終點處臨時決定改變賽程距離,選手必須讓Tarawera Falls Titoki的志工人員知道你要繼續賽事,為求公平請於終點處或是星期六早上的頒獎典禮補繳不同賽時的報名費價差,根據不同的完賽時間,大會可輕易得辨認參賽的距離,若你參賽100公里或是85公里的賽事,但最後只完成85公里或60公里,成績不會表列未完賽(DNF),你的參賽成績將會以你完賽距之成績表示。

Littering Anyone caught deliberately littering will be given the job of clearing gorse and blackberry by around Lake Okareka by hand wearing only jandals and shorts. You will be served warm orange cordial to keep you hydrated.

丟棄垃圾:任何因亂丟垃圾而被發現,將被付與特別的任何,必須於Lake Okakera湖邊清理金雀花以及黑莓果,而且只能穿著夾角鞋及短褲,另外你將被餵食溫柳丁汁。

Withdrawing Any runner who is unable to finish the run must personally inform the nearest Aid Station captain of their decision to withdraw and make sure their race number is recorded. We will use forest radio or some other means to try and contact your crew. If you do not have a crew, we will do our best to transport you to where you need to go. Usually you won’t have to wait long but there is a chance you may have to wait several hours for a non-emergency lift back to Event HQ.

棄賽: 若選手未能完成賽事,請告知離你最近的補給站知的站長,並確保他們有登記下來。我們會以無線電聯絡通知選手朋友或家屬,若無家屬陪同,我們也會盡可能著載送選手到所希望的地點。通長選手並不需要等太久的時間,但若無緊急突發事件,也許要等個幾小時。

Drop Bags A support crew is certainly not necessary in the event. Drop bags are OPTIONAL for solo ultra runners and can contain your own goodies (gels, food, change of socks, shoes, shorts, bodyglide etc.). For solo ultra runners, at registration, you should put your filled and labelled drop bags and finish line bags in the pile for the correct Aid Station. These bags must be a soft, reasonable size – do not pack the kitchen sink. Leave your drop bags with us in the correct truck or van at race registration before 7pm Friday. Please do not use the drop bag service for any Aid Stations where your support crew will be definitely attending.

寄存補給袋:在這賽事中,專屬的補給團隊是不需要的,選手可選擇寄存補給袋,並存放私人用品(能量棒、食物、襪子更換、鞋子、衣物、潤滑液等) 選手必須將要記存的補給袋標記清楚,並於賽事報到處晚上七點前,放進各補助站所指定的卡車裡。補給袋必須是適當大小,且請勿在有補給團隊之補助站寄存補給袋。


If you have a drop bag at an Aid Station you will be asked to move it from the ‘unused pile’ to the ‘used pile’ even if you did not use your drop bag. This allows us to transport your drop bags quickly back to the Kawerau finish line. This will help allow the drop bag tent to remain orderly for the benefit of runners yet to arrive. Drop bags must not contain any glass. All liquids must be secure.



Label your drop bags with your name and the correct Aid Station:
OKE Okareka
AWA Awaroa**
OTA Okataina
FSH Fisherman’s Bridge**
TAR Tarawera Falls*
FIN Finish line in Kawerau***
TITO Titoki Road**

OKE Okareka
AWA Awaroa**
OTA Okataina
FSH Fisherman’s Bridge**
TAR Tarawera Falls*
FIN Finish line in Kawerau***
TITO Titoki Road**


* 60km runners Pack a change of clothes, comfy shoes/jandals, towel etc. for when you finish at the Tarawera Falls. There are beautiful places in the river for a swim near the Tarawera Aid Station. In Kawerau there are hot pools and free hot showers, so bring a towel. Pack some money for hot food and drinks at the Kawerau finish line.

*60公里選手: 請準備更換衣物,鞋子或拖鞋,毛巾。於Tarawera終點站,可於Tarawera急求區附近的河邊游泳,於Kawerau 備有熱水淋浴使用,並攜帶金錢於Kawerau有熱食及食料可購買。


** 85/100km runners. If you think you’ll need a headlamp for the finish, you can put it in your Titoki, Awaroa or Fisherman’s Bridge drop bag. Or your crew can deliver a headlamp to you at the Titoki, Fisherman’s Bridge or River Road Aid Stations. Kawerau Finish Line

**85/100公里選手若估計完成賽事的時間,需要用到頭燈,可將頭燈存放在Titoki, Awaroa Fisherman’s Bridge的補給袋。或是你的補給團隊可將頭燈送至Titoki, Fisherman’s Bridge,River Road Ais Station, Kawera Finish Line


***85/100km runners. Pack a change of clothes, comfy shoes/jandals, towel etc. Excellent swimming in the river plus free Kawerau hot pools and free hot showers so bring a towel. Pack some money for hot food and drinks. Remember to put your bus ticket in your finish line bag. Extra bus tickets will be available at Registration ($20).

***85/100公里選手: 請準備更換衣物,鞋子或拖鞋,毛巾,此處有絕佳的游泳場地以及免費的熱水可淋浴,別忘了將你的巴士車票於在終點處補給袋,額外若需登記車票將收費NZ$20


Aid Station Distances

Aid Station Km covered Distance to next (km) Distance from previous (km) Cut-Off
Start 0 12.5 0
Tikitapu (Blue Lake) 12.5 5.3 12.5
Okareka 17.8 2.9 5.3 10.10am
Millar Road 20.7 16.6 2.9
Okataina Lodge 37.3 9.8 16.6 1.20pm
Humphries Bay 47.1 8.1 9.8
Tarawera Outlet 55.2 5.4 8.1
Tarawera Falls (60km finish) 60.6 9.5 5.4 5.20pm
Titoki 70.1 5.3km to Fishermans Bridge (85k course)
7.7 km to Awaroa (100k course)
9.5 *5.50pm. This is for runners wishing to complete the 100km.
Awaroa (100km course only) (77.8 & 82.7) 4.9km loop back to Awaroa. 8.1km to Fishermans Bridge 7.7 and 5.3
Fisherman’s Bridge 75.4 (90.8) 4.9 5.3 (8.1 from Awaroa)
River Road 80.3 (95.7) 5.0 4.9
Finish-line 85.3 (100.7) 0 5.0

Cut-off times Cut-off and pace times are shown in the tables. These cut-off times will be “extremely generous” meaning you have ample time to walk tough sections, stop at Aid Stations, and still get through. We have no intention of pulling people off the course for going slow.

At the same time, we do not want to have runners in the forest at midnight with the possums. These cut-offs represent an average of just under 11 minutes per km pace. In other words, just over seven and a half hours for a marathon. The 5.20pm cut-off at the Tarawera Falls Aid Station does not apply for runners completing the 60km solo run. The cut-off times in 2015 are a more generous (by 50 minutes) than 2012.

關門時間: 此關門時間可說是十分寬容,這代表選手有充份的時間在艱難的賽段用走的,或是在補助站稍作停留,我們並無意給段班跑者給予壓力,但同時也不希望有跑者在半夜還在比賽,關門時間的標準是以每公里11分鐘的配速,相當於7個半小時完成馬拉松賽事,TARAWERA FALLS的關門時間為下午五點二十分,這時間遠比2012年的標誌還更寬容了五十分鐘。

Cut-off times reflect the deadlines for LEAVING the Aid Station. If you return to an Aid Station after the cut-off, you will be pulled from the run. The Aid Stations will strictly enforce the cut-off times: anyone leaving an Aid Station after the cut-off time will be disqualified. This rule is for the safety of all participants. IF YOU MISS THE CUT-OFF, YOU MUST STOP. Significant sanctions will apply to anyone breaking this rule.

If you do not make the Titoki 100km cut-off time, you will need to finish on the 85km course. You cannot complete the 100km.

關門時間影響離開護理站的時間, 護理站會嚴格執行關門時間, 若是你在關門時間後才回到護理站,你將禁止回到賽道上,並取消資格. 這規定是為了所有參賽者的安全. 若你錯過了關門時間, 就必須停止比賽. 若是100公里跑者錯過了在TITOKI的關門時間,那就僅只能完成85公里的賽事,並放棄完成100公里的賽事

Course changes from previous years
The 2015 course has a number of changes that will help you, and the other 1000 runners, get off the start line efficiently, make a few key locations safer, and make the most of some stunning alternative alignments to ensure you run at least the distance you’ve entered. The most significant change is over the first 5km of the course, where we have chosen wider, yet even more stunning, alternative trails to reduce congestion before the first section of single track. The detail of the 2015 course changes have been posted on the event Facebook page and website. Basically, if you follow the course markers, you can’t go wrong!


在2015年中, 有許多賽事的改變對選手是有幫助的,除了在起跑處選定以及規劃更為安全的賽段外,最重的是選手在賽道的前5公里將會在寬廣且舒適的紅木森林裡進行,2015年賽道相關的變化將會在賽事臉書及大會官網上公布.


Aid Station Details

Aid Station Runner km covered Est. time: Front runner Est. time: Final runner Crew / spectator access Relay change-over Drop bags Pacer start point
Start 0 6:00 AM 6:00 AM Yes
Tikitapu (Blue Lake) 12.5 7:00 8:00 Yes
Okareka 17.8 7:30 9:50 Yes, Shuttle bus Yes Yes
Millar Road 20.7 7:45 10:00 No
Okataina Lodge 37.3 8:50 1:00 PM Yes, Shuttle bus Yes Yes
Humphries Bay 47.1 9:30 2:00 No
Tarawera Outlet 55.2 10:20 4:20 No
Tarawera Falls (60km finish) 60.6 11:00 5:30 Yes, Shuttle bus Yes Yes Yes
Titoki 70.1 1:10 PM 5:40 Yes, Shuttle bus Yes Yes
Awaroa (100km course only) (77.8 & 82.7) 12:20 and 12:45 7:00 PM & 7:30 No Yes
Fisherman’s Bridge 75.4 (90.8) 12:15 (1:10) 9:00 Yes, Shuttle bus Yes Yes
River Road 80.3 (95.7) 12:20 (1:40) 9:40 Yes, Shuttle bus Yes
Kawerau Finish line for 85km and 100km 85.3 (100.7) 12:50 (2:00) 10:50 Yes

Podium Spots and Race Records
Runners who switch distances on race day and finish in the top 5 (men or women) for that distance will still be recorded for their time and place in that distance on the website.

However, for all media, prizegiving ceremony, place-getter medals, and official Tarawera Ultra communications, only those who entered that distance will be acknowledged as being in the top 5 per distance/gender.



Course records will be set by any runner who completes the distance in the fastest ever recorded time on race day. For example, it may be possible for an 85km or 100km entrant to break the 60km course record if they reach that Aid Station in the fastest ever time.

賽會最佳記錄會以最快成績完成此距離的跑者. (如: 有可能85公里/100公里跑者打破60公里賽事的記錄)

This is a running event, not a walk! Unless you are an exceptional walker (we have had one!) you cannot expect to walk the entire course and still finish before midnight. All runners will walk the course at times, especially the uphills. Runners will probably walk more later in the event as fatigue sets in.




這是個跑步賽事,不是用走的! 除非你是個優秀的步行者(曾有過這種選手!) 你並不能期待用走的且在午夜前完成此賽事,當然所有的選手都會有步行的時候,特別是在爬坡,也許會在疲倦時有更多時間用行走的。

Kawerau finish line food & drink The race will provide free drinks (a locally-brewed Croucher beer, ginger beer and other drinks) and fruit for each finisher (including 60km finishers that join us). Meals and drinks will be available to purchase so pack some money in your finish line bag for extra food and drinks. Hot food will be available until 10pm on race night – stay behind and cheer in the final runners to the finish of an epic day!

終點區Kawerau 食物及飲料

大會免費提供飲料(當地啤酒、薑汁啤酒及其它飲料) 及水果給每一位完賽者使用(包括60公里選手)。另外也也請攜帶金錢,現場供熱食及飲料販售,熱食部份將提供至晚間十點(讓我們為完賽者在終點站加油打氣吧!)

There are FREE Kawerau hot pools and hot showers at Maurie Kjar Pools in Kawerau. These are open and free to everyone (including the general public) before 8pm. After 8pm, the pools are booked to the Tarawera Ultra and you are still free to use them. You can only bring beer in to the pools after 8pm. There is a free spa pool and nice hot showers. The hot pools are opposite the Information Centre on Plunket Street, Kawerau.

大會於終點區Kaawerau的Maurie Kjar Pool備有免費飲料,及在八點以前可供免費熱水淋浴開放給所有參賽選手及一般民眾。而八點過後此SPA泳池將由大會所預訂下,選手依然可免費使用,但只能於晚間八點後在泳池飲用啤酒。泳池位於Plunket Street, Kawera(Information Centre 對面)。



Lost Property
Lost gear, start line headlamps and drop bags will be transported back to the Kawerau finish area and will be available throughout the day. Labelling or naming your gear is essential. Any unclaimed gear will be at prizegiving on Sunday morning. After that, all lost gear will be stored at 2 Pukehangi Road, Rotorua. We very, very strongly recommend that you claim all of your lost gear before leaving town.


起跑時所使用的頭燈以及補給袋將會運送至Kawerau終點線,並於當日開放領取。請務必在你個人用品上標記姓名。任何未被領取的裝備將於周日的般將典禮上開領招領,之後將會把這些裝備儲放在2 Pukehangi Road, Rotorua。我們強烈建議選手能於離開會場前就領回。





The guiding principles of this race are enshrined in the charter of the International Trail Running Association.The purpose of the performance rules for this event is to ensure the run’s integrity as a test of individual performance, providing equal conditions for all. The guiding principles are as simple as: play fair, be safe, and respect the land. Violations of any rules may be grounds for disqualification for one or more years, or other sanctions such as time penalties, fines, and/or disqualification from awards. In the case of very serious breach of these rules, Race Directors of the Ultra-Trail World Tour will be informed of the misconduct with possible sanctions across a number of events.

本賽事的基本準是依循國際越野路跑協會(International Trail Running Association),賽事的參賽規定之目的在於測試選手個人表現及確保賽事的完整性,提供所有選手平同的條件。參賽規定為公平競賽,安全,並尊重大自然。任何違反規定者將會被罰以停賽一年或一年以上之處分,或如時間懲罰、罰款、或是立即終止比賽。更嚴重者更會告知越野超馬巡迴賽事單位並影響其它賽事。


  • There will be no unofficial runners.
  • Each runner’s official race number must be worn prominently on the front of the body and must be easily visible at all times.
  • Runners must follow the marked trail at all times. Any runner departing from the official trail must return to the point of departure on foot before continuing.
  • Each runner must complete the entire course under his or her own power. No physical or mechanical aids are allowed, including but not limited to mountain bikes or boats.
  • 此賽事皆為正式報名之參賽選手
  • 每位跑者號碼布必須全程著於衣服正面,並且可被清楚看見。
  • 跑者必須全程依照賽道上的標記,任何偏離賽道跑者必須返回偏離處才能繼續進行賽事。
  • 每位跑者必須依靠自己能力完成賽事,禁止任何外力或
  • Except in case of injury, distress or medical emergency, runners may not accept pushing or pulling assistance in any form from anyone between checkpoints.
  • 除非受傷、危難或需緊急醫療情況下,選手才可經由其它參賽者協助。
  • Runners may not store supplies of any kind along the trail.
  • 選手不可於賽道上存放任何所需補給用品。
  • Littering of any kind is prohibited. Please respect the natural beauty of our trails and the right of everyone to enjoy them.
  • 禁止丟棄任何垃圾‧請維護賽道所擁有的大自然環境及其手選手權益。
  • Runners must refrain from any act of bad sportsmanship.
  • 選手請保持優良運動員風度。
  • Smoking (yucky) is not permitted at any of the checkpoints or along the trail. Anyone who smokes in the Tarawera Forest will be immediately removed by security. Both the smoker and their runner will receive a permanent lifetime ban from this event.
  • 嚴禁於賽道或補給站抽煙。任何於TARAWERA森林吸煙者將立即由保全送離。吸煙吸及其跑者將永遠於此賽會禁賽。
  • Any runner who is unable to finish the run must personally inform the nearest Aid Station captain of the nearest checkpoint of their decision to withdraw, and make sure their race number is recorded.
  • 無法完賽的選手必須本人通知最近的補給站組長棄賽決定,並確保此號碼有被登記下來。
  • Runners who leave the course without turning in their race number will be classified as “lost”. The runner will be contacted on their cellphone and their emergency contact will be called. If there is no response from either party or the emergency contact does not know the status of the runner, a search will be activated. Costs for searching for any such runner will be charged to the runner.
  • 若選手私自離開賽道且無交回號碼布將被視為"失蹤"。大會將聯絡跑者手機及緊急聯絡人。若未即時聯絡到跑者或緊急聯絡人不知其跑者下落,搜救行動將立即展開,因此情況之相關搜救費用將向跑者索求。
  • Be respectful of all other users, such as recreational walkers.
  • 尊重其它使用者,如娛樂性質的健走者。
  • You must stay on the course. Short cuts are not permitted.
  • 選手必須依賽道路徑指示參賽,禁止抄走捷徑。
  • The runner is responsible for the actions of their support crew. Support crews must comply with all instruction from event staff and officials. The runner may be penalised or disqualified for actions or breaches of the rules by their support crew.
  • 選手須為他的補給團隊的行為負責,其團隊必須遵守大會相關規則,若有違法規定,參賽選手將因此被處罰或終止比賽。

Tarawera Ultra – Anti-Doping Policy and Statement.

As a privately-owned event and a major event in the sport of trail ultra-running globally, we are working hard to ensure our sport remains clean of performance enhancing drugs. To this end, race management is in regular communication with Drug Free Sport NZ regarding anti-doping programmes. From these communications, we have taken the following steps:



  1. Race management reserves the right to drug test any athlete competing in this event – from the time of registration to the completion of the event. Agreement to submit to drug testing is a condition of entry. Any testing will be conducted in a manner consistent with the requirements of the World Anti-Doping Code including the WADA Prohibited List. (See link below for more information on those requirements.)


  1. No athlete that is currently serving a sanction for violating sports anti-doping rules may enter the Tarawera Ultramarathon or Tarawera Trail Marathon &50km.

2)任何因違反禁藥規定而正在執行禁賽者不得參加Tarawera 或Tarawera Trail Marathon &50km之賽事。

  1. No athlete that was issued a sanction between 1 January 2013 and 31 Dec. 2014 for violating sports anti-doping rules may enter the Tarawera Ultramarathon or Tarawera Trail Marathon &50km until 1 Jan. 2017.

3) .任何因違反禁藥規定於2013年1月1日至2014年12月31日期間執行禁賽者,不得參加Tarawera 或Tarawera Trail Marathon &50km之賽事。


Race management will disqualify the entry of any athlete violating (2) or (3) who attempts to enter these events. 若有以上符合(2)及(3)選手試圖報名,大會單位將予以取消資格。

Race management will provide anti-doping education to our participants, in conjunction with Drug Free Sport NZ. Considerable resources for athletes, coaches and support staff is on the Drug Free Sport NZ website:

大會單位將連同Drug Free Sport NZ(紐西蘭無禁藥賽事組織)為參賽者提供反禁藥宣導,包含供運動員、教練、以及補給團隊,相關資料索取請於以下網站: Free Sport NZ website:

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