for supporters, crew and pacers

Accomodation, Registration and Start

Detailed information for supporters, crew and pacers is in the most recent Race Guide.

Accomodation is available at special rates to all runners, supporters, crew and sponsoprs at Holiday Inn, Rotorua.
- Race special single accomodation
- Race special twin (shared) accomodation.
Race registration will be on Friday afternoon/evening also at Rotorua Holiday Inn.

The start is at the Redwoods Visitors Centre. Saturday 15 March at 6:30am.

Driving maps and Tarawera Forest access

crew map

crew driving directions driving directions
Access to Tarawera Outlet and/or Tarawera Falls, Titoki, Fishermans' Bridge and River Road is from Kawerau township (off SH 30 between Rotorua and Whakatane) via private forestry roads in Tarawera Forest.

Vehicle Permit - Tarawera Forest
All vehicles entering the Tarawera Forest (The Outlet, Tarawera Falls 60km Finish, Titoki, Fishermans Bridge and River Road Aid Stations ) will need a permit to enter the forest from the Kawerau Information centre (location below). Cost is $5 per vehicle. Form will be availble at registration on Friday for you to fill in if you are taking a car into the forest. You will need to complete the form and use it to pick up a permit from the Kawerau Information Centre on race day.

Otherwise, you can fill in the form at pick up the permit at the Kawerau Information centre on race day.

You can also travel to the Kawerau Information Centre and obtain a permit before race day.

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Supporters and Crew

The following applies to people viewing the race to cheer runners on (supporters) and crew (who are carrying supplies for their runners).

Many ultra-runners like to have a crew with them to help them get special food and drink at aid stations and provied a cheering, smiling face. Crew members may not run alongside their runner along the trail for more than 200-300 metres either side of the aid station. Please note the most convenient crew access points (above). If you have a crew on hand to give you food and drink, drop bags will be unnecessary. Crew may often have special supplies for their runner, such as: clothing, loo paper, a change of socks, special food and drink, body lubricant, hat, sunglasses, gels.


If you are crewing, it pays to be familiar with the course. There is absolutely no need for crew members to rush and break the road speed limits to get between aid stations. You'll have plenty of time. You must never drive at a fast speed near runners. All roads in the Rotorua and Okataina sections are publicly accessible. The Tarawera Forest Roads are private and will require a permit to enter.

Most Aid Stations are accessible by car. Some notes:

  • - The Millar Road Aid Station is ay accessible by car. However, parking is almost nonexistent and you'll be on a winding narrow road with the runners. We'd prefer not to have spectators on this section of the course.
  • - Okataina. You will be directed to park at the Okataina Outdoor Education Centre. Buses will shuttle you don to the Aid Station. This avoids congestion at the Okataina aid station/ boat ramp area.
  • - Humphries Bay is accessible by boat only.
  • - Tarawera Falls (60km finish). Buses will shuttle you about 1km tto the Aid Station. You will park in clearings in the forest to avoid cars and runners being on the same road.
  • - The Titoki Road Aid Station (on the 85k and 100 course). Buses will shuttle you about 1km tto the Aid Station
  • - The Awaroa Road Aid Station is off-limits to cars.

The Fisherman's Bridge and River Road Aid Stations can be easily accessed by foot (5 minutes walk). Preferred parking spots near these aid stations will be sign-posted. Mountain Bike access is fine and strongly encouraged.

Mountain bike: Bring a mountain bike if you like so you can ride through the Tarawera Forest and follow the race from the Tarawera Fals to Kawerau.



Pacer runners run for FREE. Having a pacer is purely OPTIONAL. This option is available (and really only necessary for) solo 85 and 100k runners only.
A pacer can join you at any aid station from The Outlet to the Kawerau finish line - except for Awaroa.

Pacers provide moral support and encouragement, and importantly can provide assistance if you are extremely fatigued or disoriented. Beyond companionship, pacers can provide advice on when to pick up the pace or ease back, advise on fueling and making sure the athlete fuels up at aid stations. We will not be tracking pacers and they are responsible for their own transportation. Pacers may take food and fluids at the aid stations as available.

- ALL pacers must report in to pacer central at the finish line in Kawerau prior to travelling in to the Tarawera Forest. You will be issued with a Pacer ID so everyone knows you are part of the event.

- There is no cost associated with being a pacer.
- Pacers should in physical shape to run at the speed of their runner .
- Only one pacer per runner.

- Pacers should eat and drink all the aid sttaion food they want.
- Pacers must be on foot only.
- Pacers must not provide any material assistance to their runner (i.e. carrying spare/surplus clothing, food and drink).
- Pacers must not push, pull or physically move their runner along the trail.
- In circumstances the runner is under severe distress, a pacer is allowed to assist that runner to the nearest aid station or other medical support.
- Pacers must stay with their runners at all times, except in the case of an emergency.