Trail Crew

volunteer-signup Each year, volunteers contribute over 500 hours clearing tracks along the Tarawera Ultra course. This is done with the generous support of the Department of Conservation (who provide a free boatride) and local landowners and managers.  You can sign up online!doc-boat

There are many benefits of this.

– The trail is clear and tidy on race day – so many fewer twisted ankles during the event.
– Benefits all recreational walking and biking users of the trails.
– Wasp control at popular picnic areas.
– Nice clear trails for training runs.

– Free boatride provided plus shuttle transport (if needed).
– Trail crew t-shirts provided.
– Picnic lunch at Humphries Bay.

7 January 2017 from 9am – Tarawera Ultra course clearing. 12 x 5 person teams.

– Redwoods, Tank to Town, Whakarewarewa Forest + Blue Lake access track
– Blue Lake Eastern shore + Tennent’s Track
– Western Okataina 1 (Millar Road towards Outdoor Education Centre).
– Western Okataina 2 (Outdoor Education Centre towards Millar).
– Western Okataina 3 (Outdoor Education Centre towards Eastern Okataina).
– Eastern Okataina (start a couple of km down the track) to Humphries Bay.
– Humphries to Eastern Okataina.
– Humphries environs.
– Humphries toward The Outlet.
– Outlet towards Humphries Bay.
– Rubbish clean-up in Tarawera Forest from The Falls to Kawerau township

We will end the day with a picnic and swim together.

There will be smaller working bees (perhaps 3 to 5 people for 1-3 hours each) working on clearing some tracks immediately prior to race week.

For further information, please email