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SQUADRUN are our trusted affiliated training partner. They ensure that we have the very best athletes at the TUM start line.

SQUADRUN is proudly the affiliated training partner for the Tarawera Ultra, Tarawera Trail Marathon and 50k and Ultra-Trail Australia as well as many other events across Australasia. They deliver tailored training programmes for hundreds of athletes of ALL abilities.

 Sign up for a coaching trial with SQUADRUN for just $29 and get the best coaches in the business.

Your coaches, Kerry and Ali, are both accredited coaches and are passionate about helping runners. They are an integral part of the Tarawera team and few know the event like they do, in fact Kerry’s won the ultra – TWICE!

SQUADRUN is a coach-led training community of “Real people with Extraordinary goals”. It’s a support network of passionate and enthusiastic athletes sharing their training and race day journey.

If you think coaching sounds ‘a bit too serious’ – THINK AGAIN. For as little as $12 per week (ex. GST) it’s the most cost effective way to deliver the very best version of you to the start line in February.

With SQUADRUN you’ll enjoy the process as well as the destination while getting the coaching support you require and having fun along the way!

Kerry and Ali have helped THOUSANDS they’re committed to helping you achieve your goals and will be there throughout your training journey and again on race-day to see you succeed. At the centre of everything they do is a huge heart and the passion to share this amazing experience.

Find out much more about what we offer and how it all works here.

Sign up for a heavily discounted 4-week trial when you register for Tarawera Ultra or pick up a 2-week trial from our online store.