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  • Laszlo’s Tarawera story

    Date :

    11th March, 2018

    Published By :

    Paul Charteris

    I didn’t really start running properly until about 5 years ago, I had done a couple of 10 km and half Marathons before hand but had not really committed to anything,
    But saying that about 6 years ago I had said to my wife Lynette that my so called running days were over because everything was constantly sore; my legs, back etc, and they never seemed to improve.

    I had decided to join a gym and then a boot camp up in Auckland. From their my Fitness and strength went up , being part of X10 was amazing and got me in shape.
    From there I joined up with 808 house of training, OMG , This place took me to another level ( and still is )

    A while later a couple of friends and I decided to tackle Oxfam , I loved it. I loved it so much I went back and did it again a year later.

    Then my sister in law (Sharon ) gave me a ring one night and said we should do the Tarawera 60km ultra, hmmm , sounds good , OK
    And then I asked her to tell me about it , Wow , sounded exciting

    So we both signed up for it and started training, I decided to get help from James Kuegler.
    I had never run any further than 21 km , I didn’t really know what I was getting myself in for.

    I had trained my behind off for this and now it was race day
    It was wet and muddy and it had been raining a lot the night before ,
    I didn’t think it was that bad on the day but my wife and my supporters said it was bad
    I had finished my first ultra , I couldn’t believe it , I swore I would never do it again

    Yeah right

    Within a day I was talking about doing the 100 km next year
    Sure enough I had signed up for the 50km in November and the 100km in February

    I finished the 50km and thought to myself holy shit , how the hell am I going to do the 100 km
    But I did

    The 100km wasn’t a good day for me everything that could go wrong went wrong
    I was throwing up , I had hit the wall very early in the race ,
    And with the support of Lynette and my pacer Abe I managed to finish it,

    I was done with the ultra, never again

    Within Two hours I was planning the next race

    I had signed up for the 42km , my official first Marathon , and then the 87km

    The 42km was a good run , still had a lot to work on but with the help of Abe Dyer, 808 house of training, who is training me I knew I could do it

    The last distance of the 5
    The 87km , another wet and muddy day , I had learned a lot over the last couple of years, and It was a bit slower than I wanted to do but it was a good day , felt good,

    A special thanks to Abraham Dyer for pacing me for the 100 km and the 87 km
    It meant a lot to me having you there

    The Tarawera Ultra has been life changing for me , it has pushed me further than anything I had through I could do

    I couldn’t have do this with the support of my amazing wife Lynette,
    Thank you my sweetheart

    2016-60 km
    2016-50 km
    2017-100 km
    2117-42 km
    2018-87 km

    Who knows what lies ahead
    Just need to keep pushing the boundaries as long as I can