An ultramarathon is a huge load on the body. Problems with fluid balance, temperature control, blood sugars and gastrointestinal function will occur throughout the field. We want you to have a great experience at Tarawera Ultramarathon and to give you the best chance of having your ultimate trail run, we’re sharing the top advice from our medical team who will provide support on race day:

1. Say no to NSAIDS &  Drink to Thirst

Hyponatremia can be thought of as an excess of water in the body diluting normal electrolytes. The key risk factors for this dangerous condition are excess intake of plain water and use of NSAIDs (ibuprofen, voltaren, naproxen). In order to avoid this, drink a range of fluids and eat solid food through the race. Drink to thirst not a strict timetable and avoid NSAIDs.

2. Be prepared for the conditions

Be sensible with compulsory gear and consider taking what you would take on a long run in training. Temperatures will vary a huge amount from morning to midday to night – be well prepared.

3. The race doesn’t end at the finish line

The race doesn’t end at the finish line. You need to be prepared with a finish line ‘drop bag’. This should have a towel, full change of clothes (including a warm jacket, pants, socks and a beanie), jandals/sandals and importantly a firm plan for getting home.

4. Look out for each other & know we want what’s best for you

There may be some difficult decisions to be made on course regarding withdrawal from the event. Our medics/nurses/doctors are all trying to help you achieve your goals of finishing. That said, sometimes we will have to make the difficult call to say that stopping might be the better option. Please heed this advice, we only want to help.

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