102km and 100 Miler Course Update

9 February 2021

As many of you will know, we have been working hard with the Department of Conservation following an earthquake and subsequent landslide on the Eastern Okataina Walkway on Monday 25 January that impacts the #TUM102 and #TUM100Miler courses.

We are stoked to confirm that the courses for both the 102km and 100 Miler will follow their original routes as planned down the Northern Tarawera Trail to Humphries Bay and up Eastern Okataina Trail to Okataina Aid Station.

Approximately 200 metres before the slip, you will be diverted down an existing track to a pumice beach where a boat pick up will take place. One of our course team members will be at the beach for support and direction. A few aid station supplies including water and lollies will be on hand at this location. There will also be an additional timing mat located here.

You will then take a 400m boat journey to Lake Okataina Jetty, where you will cross another timing mat, and once back on land it’s a 50 metre run to the Okataina Aid Station.

This period between timing mats will be an untimed ‘neutral’ zone for all 102km runners and will not count towards their overall time.

For 100 Miler runners this boat trip will be included in your overall time for consistency, as the earlier boat trip across Lake Rotomahana is also included in your overall time.

We are endeavouring to provide a boat service where no runners have to wait, and we have three boats on hand, but it’s important to keep in mind that some 102km runners may face a short delay as up to 150 athletes an hour will pass through here at peak time – so thanks in advance for your patience and understanding.

We also suggest leaving a spare pair of shoes in your Okataina drop bag, just in case your feet get wet getting on the boat at the shoreline. A towel is good to keep your feet dry too.

We would like to give a huge shout out to The Department of Conservation, Lake Okataina Scenic Reserve Board and a number of other stakeholders for their support with implementing this plan, that will not only ensure a safe journey but also have the least impact on the planned courses.


TUM21 102km map boat crossing

TUM21 100miler map boat crossing