Failure gives you something to create from

It’s Monday morning and Sarah has spent the last two weekends painting a dog with some lovely trees blue sky flowers. It was a really nice painting but in her mind it wasn’t right. The dog looked great, the trees were a bit off, the fence was askew and the flowers were out of place.

She agonized over what to do. The painting could not be salvaged, but destroying her work of art came at the cost of wasted time and paint. And even more paint was now required to paint over the old paint. – and that stuff is not cheap. but she knew that something needed doing.

Out came the blue paint, a thick brush and five minutes later two weekends work was gone. Dog, fence, trees and flowers that did not look right were now blue. Her end result was a blank canvas.

Failure. It’s the same when you dnf a race or pull out before the start gun has even gone off. It’s an agonizing decision often one not made lightly and it sucks. It can be painful.

It’s the same for us in our business. We’ve had many poorly thought out event plans and business ideas some of which we have pushed for months at a time before abandoning them before they ever see the light of day. No one likes to fail or be labelled a failure (by the way most often their failure tag is one that you stick to yourself).

By but failing you have created something new. A blank canvas. Something to add some colour to later. New goals new possibilities.

The worst thing that could have been done was to stick an unwanted painting on the wall and get ticked off each time you see it.

So, you’ve DNF’d. At some point you’ve got to say fuck it. That didn’t work. I’m glad that I had the guts to give it a go – and I really dig this nice blue canvas. I can create something new with that.

Give it a go.

Cheers, Paul

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