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The Tarawera 2019 Registration How To Guide

All the info you need on how to register for the 2019 Tarawera Ultramarathon. This handy guide contains entry info for all distances.

First things first…do your research. How much do entries cost? When do prices go up? What is the refund policy, etc. All that information can be found here.

Now, choose your trail run distance. With 20, 50, 102 and 160k(100 mile) options there is something for everyone (who likes running or walking, possibly crawling in beautiful places). Make sure you find out what’s included in your race entry, what the course is like and if the event fits your needs. Now, throw all common sense away and enter a race you don’t know you can finish. Where’s the fun in trying something easy?

11 am on Saturday 1 September (NZ time) is when entries for all distances open. You’re going to need to provide us with some info (see below). You can sign up more than one person at a time – BUT please fill in all their information as accurately as possible (below).

You’ll create a profile in our online entry system. This is all the usual stuff like name, age, address, phone number and email etc. If you entered the Tarawera Ultra last year or Ultra Trail Australia, your profile will already be stored in the system. You’re good to go.   

You can create this profile here.

The next step is entering the race. You’ll be asked the following questions…
– Nationality.
– In-race mobile phone (the phone you are reachable on during the race).
– Emergency Contact Details. Please make sure this person knows you are in the race and is contactable on event day. You will need to give us their name and phone number.
– Medical Conditions. We request information on medical conditions, recent hospitalisations and any other info. for the sole purpose of providing the best possible care if you become ill or injured while participating in this event. Your information will be treated as confidential and it will not be shared with other parties except those involved in your immediate care.

You will need to let us know about qualification race. Include the name of your race and post a link to your results. You have until 31 December to complete this. You will also need to show evidence of 8 hours of volunteerism. Please provide the name of the event/activity you volunteered at, the date you volunteered as well as the name and contact details of the person who supervised you. You have until the end of January 2019 to complete this. Note – only two instances of volunteerism can count towards those eight hours – so you cannot volunteer at eight different events for an hour each (for example).  More Tarawera 100 miler info

We have a number of questions to help us get flavour for who is taking part (you don’t have to answer them all). We will ask about…
– How did you find out about Tarawera Ultramarathon?
– Your Company or Organisation
– Position Held
– How many additional people are travelling with you to Rotorua?
– How many nights will you stay in Rotorua?
– List your Running Club (Only if you are in one)
– List your Main Sponsor (Only if you have one)
– What brand of shoes are you planning to race in?
– What brand of hydration system will you use?
– Link to blog / website (don’t write anything if you don’t have one!).
– Compressport shirts for 50, 102 and 160k (100 miler) runners.
Sizes are…

compressport shirt size men

compressport shirt size woman

If you are living outside New Zealand, we just need a couple more bits of info about you…
– Local contact
– Provide the name of an NZ friend or hotel you will be staying at
– Phone number of this friend or hotel

Tell us something about yourself for the finish-line. This is for our commentators to tell a story about you.
How many times have you completed the Tarawera Ultramarathon?
How many Ultramarathons have you completed?
Country flag for race number

Now that you’ve made it past our 20 questions, we have some extras you can buy at the Tarawera Store. Note -all merchandise and tickets are pickup at the Expo only. You can choose to have the BUFF and COMPRESSPORT items sent to you, but you’ll have to pay extra postage. These include…

  • SquadRun Coaching trial. More info. 
  • Race Director’s barbecue ticket. More info.
  • Tarawera Forest Tour on Wednesday.  More info.
  • Thursday morning scenic boat tour and thermal adventure. Limit 50 spots. More info.
  • Kawerau dorm accommodation at Firmin Lodge (102k runners, friends and family). Limit 50 beds.  
  • Tarawera medal holders (one or two bars with black or silver options). Pickup only at Expo. 
  • GPS tracker with MapProgress (50, 102 and 160k only).
  • Race day spectator bus in the Tarawera Forest (102 and 160k spectators).
  • Tarawera-branded Compressport Clothing and Tarawera-branded Julbo sunglasses.
  • Tarawera BUFF.Example screenshot below…


You have 20 minutes to pay (and all your race entry info. is stored in the system). If you do not pay within this time, you’ll lose everything (except your profile) and you’ll need to start again.

You’re all done so now go post on social media that you’re certified crazy. Only the truly insane sign up for ultramarathons.

Any questions, please let us know – or (+64) 27 600 0397
More info… Enter the Tarawera Ultramarathon | Race week schedule 

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