Jonathan Evans


As a stay-at-home dad to his two young children, Jonathan Evans was in search of an outlet that would provide him the same sense of achievement that his job once did in London.

“I miss work a lot as I like having something measurable I can achieve,” says Jonathan.

“Being a stay-at-home dad is amazing but you don’t quite get the same positive feedback for a job well done as you do in the office.”

Jonathan and his wife, Lois, moved from London to Mount Maunganui three years ago in search for a better lifestyle for their children, Nathaniel (now 7) and Emelia (now 5).

“I would leave home at 5:30am and return around 10pm; I was missing out on some of the best moments in my kid’s lives.

“My wife got a job here, and because I’m on sabbatical leave from my job in London, I changed across to full time childcare – a big difference for me.”

Jonathan joined the Mt Joggers & Walkers group in 2015 and is now on his way to complete the trio of events NZ Trail Run offers. With the Waitomo Trail Run and Tarawera Trail Marathon and 50km already under his belt, Jonathan will be tackling the Tarawera Ultramarathon in February.

“The new 62km trail looks amazing – I’m looking forward to the challenge and the sense of achievement I’ll have at the finish line.

“The race even finishes with a craft beer, my other new NZ hobby, so what more could you want?”

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