Mandatory Gear

Mandatory Gear
Mandatory gear applies to all runners, including pacers.

100 Miler 
All 100-mile runners will be required to carry mandatory gear for the duration of the race. A mandatory gear inspection will need to be completed at an Official Gear Check Store prior to the event, or at Athlete Check-in. Your gear must be checked and passed before you can collect your race bib. The mandatory gear is:

  • Headlamp
  • Base layer long top wool/polypropylene
  • Base layer long pants wool/polypropylene
  • Thermal hat (Buff accepted)
  • Thermal gloves
  • Waterproof jacket (seam-sealed + hooded)
  • Survival bag – not a survival blanket*
  • 2 metres of self-adhesive bandage, at least 40mm wide
  • Mobile Phone – charged in a waterproof container

* The survival bag must be sealed everywhere except the top opening (i.e it is a bag, not a blanket) – it must be large enough for you to climb into and pull tight around your shoulders – if it is a single-use bag (most foil survival bags are single use), then it must be in new condition. Survival bags from most outdoor retailers are perfect and range from $5 to $25.

21km, 50km and 102km
The must-haves:

  • Base layer top (long sleeve & wool or polypropylene)
  • Base layer pants (long & wool or polypropylene)
  • Thermal hat (Buff accepted)
  • Waterproof jacket (seam-sealed and hooded)
  • Thermal gloves

In addition to the must-haves, we recommend you also bring

  • A drinking cup or bottle, as it is a cupless race
  • Your mobile phone and backup power in a waterproof container
  • A headlamp for if you may finish your race after dark
  • Your own specific on-course nutrition requirements

There are three mandatory gear levels for the 21km, 50km and 102km distances:
– A. No mandatory equipment
– B. Waterproof jacket (seam-sealed + hooded).
– C. Base layer long top wool/polypropylene, base layer long pants wool/polypropylene, waterproof jacket (seam-sealed + hooded), thermal hat (Buff accepted), thermal gloves.

We will advise by 12-noon Wednesday, 5 February, at athlete check-in and the pre-race briefing, competitors what mandatory clothing and equipment items they must carry (based on the expected weather conditions). If there is little risk of bad weather, the most likely Mandatory Gear list will be A.

If you are travelling to Rotorua before this date, please ensure you pack all of the above – it’ll save you needing to go and purchase it after you arrive.

Inspection of Mandatory Gear
If mandatory items are required for the race, you will need to have your gear inspected. This can either be done pre-event at an Official Gear Check Store, or at Athlete Check-in.

Anyone wishing to avoid queues at Athlete Check-in, or uncertain on whether their gear passes or not, should get their mandatory gear pre-checked at an Official Gear Check Store. Macpac stores across New Zealand and Australia will perform these pre-checks. If all your items pass, the store will issue you a certificate for you to show at Athlete Check-in. You will not need to bring your gear to Check-in, only the certificate. Pre-event gear checks will operate between 9am Friday 24th January and 5pm Friday 7th February. If you do not get your gear pre-checked, or it fails the pre-check, you will need to bring your gear to Athlete Check-in for inspection. A list of Macpac Official Gear Check Stores can be found here:

The Race Director may choose to randomly spot check a sample of competitor items on the morning of the event at the race start. At least one random inspection of one or more item(s) may be undertaken along the course for all competitors. Plan ahead and have all items in List C available to bring to Rotorua.