Marseilles Driver

Marseilles Driver

First up, meet Marseilles Drivers. She’s a solo mother of five who only began her running journey in April 2015 and will be smashing the 102km in February.

“I’m determined, excited and slightly terrified about the 100km, but for my kids to see me do something spectacular and take away the message that anything is possible if they just believe in themselves, is what it’s all about.”

After her youngest daughter was born in 2014, Marseilles was struggling with her weight at 106kgs, and decided to join the @Rotorua Group Challenge bootcamp, where she became hooked on her new passion of running.

“I’d never run before, simply because I never enjoyed it. In fact, I despised it! But now I love the feeling after a hard run. It’s funny how things change.”

She’s been a complete event junkie since and has lost an incredible 35.2kgs since 2014.

Marsellies says that after finishing the @Tarawera 50k in November, she knew she made the right choice to enter the ultra.

“In October, it dawned on me that I would not feel like I was complete unless I had totally pushed the barriers – so I entered the Ultra.”

“Running has made me a better mother and a better person, and if the 100km is anything like the 50km, I know I’m in for an unforgettable day!”

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