Pacers are companion runners that can accompany a 100 Miler runner from various points. Please check each course page for more details and pacer pick-up locations. Pacers run for free. The Pacers role is to accompany their runner to provide moral support, pacing advice and companionship in the latter stages of the event.

There are strict rules regarding pacing.

  • All pacers must wear a compulsory race number. Numbers must be picked up by runners at registration on Friday. Runners will sign up their pacers at registration – the pacer may be present in person, but the runner will take ultimate responsibility for their pacer(s).
  • Pacer numbers will be white. This is so we know you are part of the event.
  • Pacers must carry their own set of compulsory clothing and equipment items to match that required by the runners.
  • You cannot meet your runner before or after the designated start locations or at intermediate points. Doing so results in disqualification.
  • Competitors, you can use two pacers – but only one at a time (they must change over at an Aid Station).
  • If you plan to make an exchange, you must hand over your pacer number to the next pacer.
  • Pacers are responsible for their own transport.
  • There are no pacers for 21km, 50km or 102km runners.
  • Pacers may not carry extra water, food or equipment for runners.
  • With the exception of an emergency or medical situation, pacers cannot provide any material or physical assistance to their runners.
  • In addition to formal pacers, runners may be accompanied by friends and family (there is no limit on numbers) from the Redwoods to the finish. These people are not an official part of the race, but can provide moral support to their runner.