Romano Bernhard

  • 20 Ironman finishes, including five in Hawaii.
  • Completing the 102km alongside his wife on their 20th wedding anniversary.

Romano says he and his wife usually choose events on the basis of how big the challenge is, how scenic the destination is and whether they can combine it with a bit of R&R afterwards.

“The Tarawera Ultra ticked all the boxes for us, and we thought, what better way to celebrate this 20-year milestone than with an ultra in one of the most scenic places on Earth.

“I like to commit to a challenge and enjoy the training to get 100% race fit. And with ultras, you never know what the day has got in store for you, so you need to prepared for everything!

“It means a lot to me knowing that my wife is doing the 102km as well.”

Romano and his wife Yvonne grew up in Switzerland before moving to Perth in 1999. They have been completing events across the globe together since they met, including the Swiss Alpine Marathon.

“We’re excited that the Tarawera Ultra is almost 100% off road on single trail and forestry roads. And because the elevation is not as extreme as the Swiss Alpine Marathon, it makes it easier to train for the race in Perth.”


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