16 Very Good Reasons you should tackle the Tarawera 100 Mile Endurance Run!

1. Make trail running history
by taking part in the *inaugural* 100 Miler lining up with some of the best elite trail runners in the world. You can run 100 miles any year of your life – but you can only be “original” once.

2. Run through some of the world’s best and least explored trails
The Tarawera 100 Mile Endurance Run is a runnable 100 Mile race with a rich variety of landscapes and some of the best trail in New Zealand and the world on the course. 66% of the race is on single track and 27% on forestry roads. “Epic” is a bit of an understatement when it comes to the quality of the trails that make up this race.

3. Enjoy a scenic boat ride!
Not many races give you a boat ride mid-race – the 100 Miler takes you past eight beautiful lakes and across one of them! We give you a ‘free mile’ in the middle of the race.

4. A place of tragedy, spirits and rebirth.
This event that traverses the Te Ariki Isthmus and Lake Rotomahana. The area is sacred to iwi who have run these trails for centuries and plied these waters in their waka (canoes). There are many spots along this route where the tragedy of the 1886 eruption can still be felt.

5. Farting, burping, crying, laughing
It all happens on the trails – sometimes all at once. There is nothing like running all day, all night and into the sunrise the following day to bring out the emotions of a lifetime.

6. World-class buffet aid stations
The renowned aid stations are better than some restaurants – the ultimate buffet! Fancy a pizza? Sure. Bacon & egg pie? Comin’ right up. All served with a smile, obviously.

7. Finish line hug
no matter how broken and sweaty you are. Promise.

8. No medals or belt buckles?
Say what – that’s no reason to enter to a race. Trust us we have some very special sorted.

9. Race photos are 100% free.
Photographers will be positioned throughout the course to capture you in some stunning places that you probably wouldn’t ever reach other than on race day. These memories will last you a lifetime and you can’t put a price on them so we didn’t.

10. Wallabies, deer, pigs, possums, morepork, zombies
you’ll be out there among the creatures of the night. You are a creature of the night – lost in world of blackness with your own footsteps.

11. Spectator-friendly:
friends and family are all part of the journey on the day and will be able to cheer for you while visiting some absolutely stunning parts of the country.

12. Get steamy.
Steam drifts across the trail at Sulphur Flats – a testament to the living earth beneath your feet.

13. Beautiful finish line!
Complete the course downtown in Rotorua at the Government Gardens which will be the epicentre of the trail running world for 4 days that week.

14. Your stepping stone to the next big race!
Complete the race in under 30 hours and you just qualified to enter the Western States Endurance Run lottery! It also gives good qualifying points for UTMB if the Alps appeal to you (of course they do).

15. Challenge yourself to do something extraordinary!
The Tarawera 100 Miler is the ultimate endurance challenge and it will forever change you as a runner, and as a person. Running 100 miles will challenge everything you think you know about yourself and will show you what you are made of.

16. 1-15 We lied.
Seriously- how can running 100 miles through the bushes and forests at all hours of the day and night ever sound like a good idea?

What are you waiting for? Sign up now: www.taraweraultra.co.nz/100miler/



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