Trail Crew

Early January 2019  | Meet at the Redwoods Info Centre, Longmile Road, Rotorua

Each year, volunteers contribute over 500 hours clearing tracks along the Tarawera Ultra course. This is done with the generous support of the Department of Conservation (who provide a free boatride) and local landowners and managers. doc-boat

Why trail clearing?

– The trail is clear and tidy, which means fewer twisted ankles on race day.
– Benefits all recreational walking and biking users of the trails.
– Wasp control at popular picnic areas.
– Nice clear trails for training runs.


Trails that need clearing:

– Blue Lake Eastern shore + Tennent’s Track
– Western Okataina 1 (Millar Road towards Outdoor Education Centre).
– Western Okataina 2 (Outdoor Education Centre towards Millar).
– Western Okataina 3 (Outdoor Education Centre towards Eastern Okataina).
– Eastern Okataina (start a couple of km down the track) to Humphries Bay.
– Humphries to Eastern Okataina.
– Humphries toward The Outlet.
– Outlet towards Humphries Bay.
– Hot Water beach to the Isthmus.

We will end the day with a picnic and swim together.

There will be smaller working bees (perhaps 3 to 5 people for 1-3 hours each) working on clearing some tracks immediately prior to race week.

For further information, please contact