The Whakarewarewa Forest and Blue Lake to finish

In 2018, for the first time ever, the course will be reversed and all runners will reach Lake Tikitapu – or Blue Lake in the afternoon or in the fading evening light. For most of the 100 mile runners, this area will be explored at night-time and glowing headlamps and footfalls in the darkness will be guiding the journey to the finish.

The Blue Lake circuit winds around the water’s edge, offering rolling trails and glimpses of the sparkling blue water beyond the treeline. For the 100 mile runners, this is the last of 8 lakes to be seen on the course.

The final section takes runners amongst the towering redwoods of the Whakarewarewa forest, along the outskirts of Rotorua to the finish-line. The atmosphere at the finish is one of triumph and elation. Some runners have spent the better part of a day making their way here, running across the line to cheering crowds and hugs all around.

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